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Sarasota, Florida, United States
My name is Hayden and I'm a school student my everyday life is not like most kids I hate video games and I like to think about my future and my goals,I'm a very smart kid who is very prestaigeous.I am a musician who if you put music in front of me I can play it I hate braging but I'm am extremely gifted in music I love it it is my life long carrer.My other two things is nature and sea life I eather want to be a marine biologist or a entrepprenure that owns my own garden where i can sell millions of different types of plants.

Me & my friends...

Me & my friends...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Long Time No see ( Literaly )

What up everyone hows it going well i was gone for a very long time as you can see and i would like to get back and rolling with it again i just had to get things straightended up in life. Anyway Im going to start posting different things each day starting today until whenever and if you get bored with my ideas or anything on my blog such as the background color, the picture, the title, you just make sure to give me a holler through one of the many new portals were you can leave a comment. Finally during my blogging time i hardly have any time to check for spelling erorrs and my computer is anoying and doesnt fixx them soo please if you want to comment on that dont it is just plain stupid to thats sort of getting like my teachers on the hawks team which by the way is going good just ver anoying soooo... Enjoyyyyyy!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Hey everyone i understand that most of the people who were looking at my blog have now stoped looking at it and i would like to say oh well,to bad, bummer For me anyway nothing big has been going on in my life besides getting glasses yepp thats right brooke,bree,jim,and Kainoa i got glasses only for reading and playing the piano i have a problem with seeing stuff closly clearly and i do fine with stuff far away.... So yaa its really late and im tired, who every sees this feel free to call ( Family members only,calling,thanks) Again sorry for not sticking with it for a while i deffinetly will now on by the way i got my eye exam today
July 17,2008 so writing this on the computer is really killing me right now its so blurry and gives me a headache so sorry for any miss spelled words or grammer problems.... Love you all Byyyyyy.....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYYYY!!!!!!! This is me and my mom on mothers day Unfortunately I look really weird in this picture uhuhuhuhuhu scary!!! Anyway on mothers day we hung out at the house went to church just had a nice relaxing day! And we,on Saturday went to Sanibel beach which unfortunately my mom my dad my grandma Judy and I all hated I'm very sorry if anyone likes that we don't though.It's good if you are a sun worshiper,boring person,want nothing to do but the boring beach and very warm water soo you can't cool down type person than this is your lucky day cause that's the right place for and old coot type person... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAYYYY EVERYONE!!!!!

Hey I'm sorry I havent been on for alittle why'll but I have to update my blog sooooo Here is me at my middle school play.I play the demon of death kind of werid for me because I'm no were near the devil so when I heard of the part I went out and took and acually worked with the part and I became the best demon of death ever I loved playing the role in this play the play's name was Once On This Island it's a musical about a girl named Timone who falls in luv with Daniel who is a rich boy who then crashes in the pesent town and Timone saves him from me killing him.. There are four gods Asaka mother of the Earth Agwa Emperess of water and Erzullie which is the goddess of love and finally me Papa gehh the sly demon of death. We as a group all send her on a journey that will test the power of love and we see if daniel is really the right person for her.It ends up that daniel gets maried to Andrea who is a rich women and then Timone gets tranformed into a tree which then she watches over Daniel and Andrea .

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Here is me,in middle, My cousin Kainoa,left,and Regan he's at the right. Were all being nerds trying to fit in that little wagon together. Kainoa flew in from Hawaii, as you all probably knew because of Brooke and or Bree's blog,there also my cousins, but back to Kianoa flying in he is visiting here at my aunts house in Sunny Florida. His new word since he flew in has been Hayden,me,soo that has been pretty cool for me hearing my little Hawaiian cousin keep saying my name funny but yet cutely haYDEN!!!!!!! ( How you read my name at the very end of my paragraph is you start really low toned then as the letters get BIGGER gradually get louder and higher pitched toned)

working all day at Grandmas

Just a little update sorry for there being no picture but today i would just like to tell everybody that my family and I went to my Grandma's house today. We worked all day raking leaves, by the way there were over seventeen bags I think of leaves filled to the top,anyway with that my feet got cut up,I lost my fear of chain saws because I got to use a chainsaw all day. finally today over at My grandma's house we had to borrow Dan,a friend of my dad's, trailer to put all the branches and leaves and stumps etc. in the trailer. By the way we over filled the back of the trailer to the point were it over flowed the trailer.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Me and my cousins

me and my cousin are at my grandma's house doing the human pyramid having a blast..My cousin Regan is in the middle of me at the top and my cousins Brooke left and Bree right he is dead center of all of us. were cracking up because I can barely balance on there backs cause there backs are almost about to break. And then my cousin Regan wants to join us so here we are all being neards laughing and having a blast just being are selves.